If you guys haven’t picked up We The Kings’ fourth studio album Somewhere Somehow, we’re kind of judging you a little bit. Having been in the music industry since they released their debut album in 2007, it’s clear how much these fellas have grown within the past few years. In fact, their latest album is by far their most personal yet.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with We The Kings’ front man Travis Clark to chat all about Somewhere Somehow, as well as Warped Tour adventures, working with Demi Lovato and what we can expect from these guys in 2014!


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Talking about Somewhere Somehow, Travis admits that this album is near and dear to his heart. “This one is easily my favorite,” he said. “When you release an album like Somewhere Somehow that means so much to us and you have people responding and reacting to it the way that they are, then it makes it totally worth it and incredible. I love our fans.”

If you’re wondering how these five guys have evolved with their music, it’s all about the lyrics this time around. “This [album] was all about having fun, doing it ourselves and really focusing on the lyrical side of things,” Travis said. “People are getting tattooed our lyrics on their bodies and it really makes you think, ‘Wow. Our lyrics are helping save somebody’s life or changing the world, for them. So we really wanted to focus on the lyrically side of Somewhere Somehow.”

It was just a few years ago that Travis collaborated the one and only Demi Lovato so we had to ask him the obvious question: will that ever happen again?! Travis told us, “She’s so talented and she’s a friend – I enjoy working with friends… If it were ever to work out where we were both in the same place for more than two hours then it would be great.”

Would you want to see Demi collab with We The Kings?!