Um. So. Yeah. Idk!?!?!?! We don’t even know where to begin. First off, let’s all take a deep breath in………and now out. Okay, we all have heard the news that Zayn Malik has officially left One Direction, which may be the saddest thing to happen since a sea urchin stung Louis Tomlinson back in The X Factor days.

It’s important to realize though that this is the best thing for Zayn, and we all want him to be the happiest and healthiest version of himself because he deserves nothing less. He has made us so ridiculously happy through out the years, so we want to dedicate this time to reminisce on some of the amazing moments Zayn has given us.

1. Vas Happenin’ (We know, We're sorry)

2. Malabami. Do we need to say more!? (We may or may not be already crying)

3. Remember that moment when you got home from school and the world was blowing up because a video of Zayn dancing to Usher’s ‘That’s What It’s Made For’ was everywhere and it made us feel so many things!? Us too.

4. OH MY GOSH. When Zayn bought mommy Malik a house in This Is Us and she cried, and he almost cried, and then we all cried because he is an actual angel.

5. Okay you didn’t think we were going to leave out the true star of 2015, Zayn’s hair at the American Music Awards. AND THEN, he went on The Graham Norton Show and was the cutest thing reacting to fan’s tweets about it. UGH.

6. Obviously Zayn has the most breath-taking, mesmerizing and flawless vocals, and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one so here is a whole video of his vocals.

7. The thing we love most about Zayn though, is his friendship with the other boys. Nothing can ever compare to the love and friendship that is shared between the five of them. We have loved them since they were the simple boys on the stairs, and we will continuing loving them no matter what.

This is OBVIOUSLY an extremely small portion of all of the perfectness he has graced us with, but these moments are ones that we will remember and love forever.

We can't imagine how hard this is for everyone involved, so remember BE NICE TO EVERYONE!!! Thanks :) Okay, We need to go to the computer store and get our computer fixed because we're pretty sure it has water damage from all of the tears. 

What is your favorite Zayn moment!? Let us know in the comments!