Over the past four and half(ish) years of One Direction we have seen some AMAZING style from all of the lads. We have one incredibly important person to thank for that, and that is Caroline Watson, the boys’ stylist.

If you are a hardcore 1D fan you already know about the amazingly talented Caroline, and if you aren’t familiar, it’s now the time to start. Recently Caroline sat down with Muse and discussed all-things One Direction and their style evolution. When she first started working with the boys she wanted them to be the male equivalent to the Spice Girls. She wanted them to truly be themselves, and she’s definitely done that because if you quizzed us on which boy would wear a particular outfit we would get all of them right (obvs).

Caroline also discussed the personal style of each boy, and says it has been really cool to watch them grow and learn so much about the fashion industry with her. In one particular example she discusses the AMAs and how she got Zayn this super rad Alexander McQueen belt to wear for the performance. She went on to say “We had a fight backstage and I said to him, ‘I don't care if you don't talk to me for a week!’ and he was like, ‘Fine, but I'm not wearin' it!’ I was like, ‘I don't care if you don't talk to me! But you're gonna wear it!’ And he was like, ‘…Okay, I'm gonna wear it, but I'm gonna take it off after the performance.’ And the next day he came up to me and was like, ‘I'm so sorry, I watched it back, I looked amazing, thank you so much, I totally love you.’

We remember this outfit. It was perfect. She was right, and we are so thankful Zayn listened to her expertise. It’s obvious that Caroline and Zayn are super close, hence, him being the godfather to her ADORABLE baby girl Brook. She said that Zayn takes the most risks among the boys, which she is super grateful for.

We are also super grateful for the iconic MTV top that Zayn wore on tour a while back. Like HELLO, it’s perfect. You’re perfect. Everyone is perfect. Anyway, it was originally a sweater, but Zayn complained that he was getting too hot on stage so Caroline’s assistant said he should just cut off the sleeves and that’s exactly what he did! It’s risks like these that really make the boys stand out in the fashion world, and makes them look as handsome as ever.

Even though styling One Direction is her job, she really takes into account what the fans think of how the boys are looking. She said she even reads her Twitter responses to see what us fans have to say because she does it for us! Awwww thanks girl, you have definitely pleased us!

Well, it’s been a pretty productive day. We got to learn a lot about our favorite stylist and the superb style of the boys. If you want to read the rest of Caroline’s interview with Muse we definitely suggest it because she talks even more about the boys and how ecstatic she is the Niall is finally wearing boots LOL. To read the rest of the interview click here.

What has been your favorite style moment from One Direction? Let us know!