Holy. Moly. You guys… the new season of Teen Wolf just got REAL!

So MTV, being the wonderful folk that they are, decided to give us a little gift yesterday – the first six minutes of the Teen Wolf season five premiere and all we have to say is… wow. It’s only five minutes and we already understand why Tyler Posey said it’s the darkest season so far. Take a look for yourself!



Okay, so let’s break this down: we see Lydia (Holland Roden) in Eichen House, but why? And why does she seem so… out of it? What on earth happened to you, girlfriend?! And that weird shower scene? So. Creepy! Oh! And did you see that returning character? Yeah, Aiden! 

But you know what was totally badass? Her fighting skills! Where did those come from?! You guys, we have SO many questions and we seriously can’t wait to get them all answered when Teen Wolf premieres on Monday, June 29th at 10PM!

What did you think of the clip?!