We love Little Mix and we love Taylor Swift, so when they all got together and performed at ‘The 1989 Tour’ in Santa Clara last week, we were floored! They looked like they had a blast and became fast friends! We mean, you know you’re friends when Taylor offers her shoes up to you! Right, Perrie!? In addition to this #FriendshipGoals Little Mix announced they are going to release a brand-new track called ‘Hair’!

The best part about having girlfriends is being able to share everything with each other. They’re always there for you, even when you forget your shoes! Perrie can relate to this because on the night they were set to go on stage with Taylor, Perrie realized she had no shoes! She said, “I had no shoes. We thought, Oh we would rock up in heels.’ Little did I realize I’m like Bambi on ice when I wear heels so I was like ‘Oh I need some shoes and she was like, ‘Wait a minute,’ she went to her wardrobe, brought back a basket full of boots, heels, shoes, everything and was like, ‘Is this OK?’ And I was thinking, she is so nice. She didn’t have to do that. She’s just so genuine.” Girls, we gotta stick together!

Little Mix knows all about sticking together, they are Little Mix for crying out loud! They also know how to make us happy, so they’re giving us a brand new track off of their upcoming album ‘Get Weird’! The girls announced it on their Twitter this morning, and their new track ‘Hair’ will be available on August 28th! WOOHOO. We can’t wait!

Will you be listening to ‘Hair’ on repeat all day? Let us know in the comments!