As if we weren’t already beyond stoked for Little Mix’s new album Get Weird to drop, we get a brand new single and we’re obsessed.

While “Black Magic” was a sweet, pop dance track – you know, the kind that you blast and dance around your house to – their new single “Hair” is a girl-power breakup anthem. With lyrics like “He was just a dick and I knew it/Got me going mad sittin’ in this chair/like I don’t care/Gotta get him out of my hair,” why wouldn’t you want to rock out to this?

Since the lyrics hit pretty close to home for Perrie Edwards, many are speculating that it was written about Zayn Malik. But actually, the song was written prior to the breakup but that doesn’t mean that Perrie can’t relate.

Get Weird drops on November 6th.

What are your thoughts on the new track?