If you’re like us, waiting for the second half of Teen Wolf season five to premiere in January has been a struggle. It’s just too far away, right?

Well Wolf fans, the cast headed to Comic Con in New York City to unveil the trailer for season 5B and give us some hints as to what’s coming up and guys… it’s good. First, let’s watch the trailer, shall we?

Okay – wow! That was a lot, right? Now, let’s break down what we know about season 5B so far. First, we gotta talk about some returning characters because after watching that trailer, we know that Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) will finally be making an appearance, as well as Deucalion (Gideon Emery). But Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis teased the appearance of another member of the Argent family. Guys… could it be Allison?!

Also, we hate to break this news to you guys but it looks like Scott and Stiles won’t be making up anytime soon. After seeing Stiles throw Scott onto the ground in the trailer, it hurts our hearts to hear Tyler Posey say that the confrontation is the “peak of Stiles and Scott’s conflict.” But they’re not the only ones having some troubles – Scott and Kira will have tension, even though she won’t be returning right away, and Stiles and Malia will have some problems after Malia forms an alliance with Theo over the Desert Wolf. Sorry Stalia fans!

Now let’s talk about Lydia because now that we know that Theo was the one who put her in Eichen House, we’re so curious as to where her storyline will go. We know that she will be in Eichen House when the show returns in January and she’ll have an ally there, but who? Could it be Dr. Valack? We do know he’ll be returning for 5B.

Along with all that, Jeff teased a “really big two-part episode” where Scott’s pack tries to rescue Lydia from Eichen House. He described it as “Die Hard in Eichen House, basically. Getting Lydia out is ultimately up to Stiles.”

Fans of the show know that ever since Scott became a True Alpha, his performance as a leader and physical performance haven’t exactly been up to par. But Jeff reveals that’ll all change in the coming episodes. “We get to see, I told Tyler, we’re going to see him as a badass alpha this season. Tyler kicks ass up and down the sets of Teen Wolf.

As if dealing with the Dread Doctors wasn’t enough, we also learned that the show will be introducing The Beast, a successful chimera. While the cast couldn’t say too much about it at NYCC, Cody Christian said, “The name itself tells what this monster creature is. It’s a beast.” Tyler added, “It’s ominous. It’s scary. But there’s not much we can say. Part of it is because we don’t know much about it, as actors.”

We knew going into season five that it was going to be a lot darker than the past seasons and with 5A, they weren’t kidding around. But Jeff promised, “We went pretty dark in 5A. We’re getting back to our sense of humor. It’s going to much more fun.”

And finally, we’ll be saying goodbye to the show’s Monday night timeslot because the show will be back on Tuesday nights at 9PM! Better get those DVRs ready!

Teen Wolf returns for season 5B on Tuesday, January 5th at 9PM on MTV!

What are you most looking forward to with the new season?