If anyone has dominated 2015, it’s Little Mix. They released their third album Get Weird and celebrated four years of being together! We can’t believe it’s already been four years; it feels like just yesterday when the girls won The X Factor. We’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished since then, so we’ve decided to take a look back on their biggest year to date.


The beginning of the year was a little slow for Little Mix. They were just chillin’ out, recording their epic album probably. February delivered a brand new single with the band Flowers called ‘Dreamin’ Together’. When this song dropped we knew that it was going to be an epic year for the girls.


After what seemed like forever, May brought us new Little Mix music! The girls dropped "Black Magic" and everything changed. This song dominated the music industry, and their music video killed the game too. This made us so excited for their album to come!



June brought us Capital FM’s Summertime Ball where the girls performed like angels. They also looked incredible, as per usual.


Oh yes, July was a big month for Little Mix. They went on their ‘Black Magic’ promo tour where they looked fabulous and gave us so many great moments. Remember when the girls interrogated each other!? That was one of our favorite moments of the year!

They also covered Jason Derulo and Whitney Houston and performed at the Kiss Secret Sessions. We were so fortunate to be able to hear the girls perform live so many times during this month.

We obviously can’t forget about the happiest thing to ever happy in July! Jesy and Jake Roche got engaged with some help from Ed Sheeran and it was literally the happiest and cutest moment of our entire lives.


Unfortunately August brought some not so happy news when it was revealed that Perrie and fiancée Zayn Malik broke up. We were so devastated by this, and we know Perrie was too. She broke down mid performance, but then she finally opened up about everything on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Things got better towards the latter of the month when the girls performed on stage with Taylor Swift in Santa Clara, CA. They also released a new song ‘Hair’ and celebrated their 4th anniversary by appearing on The Today Show; everything seemed to be perfect again.



September brought us more new music with "Love Me Like You" and the girls even got praise from One Direction. Ugh, that was a glorious moment. It seemed like it was glorious for the girls too because they ended up covering 1D’s "Drag Me Down" and every thing was beautiful and right in the world.


"Love Me Like You" music video anyone!? This was one of our favorite Little Mix music videos tbh. The girls also got nominated for ‘Best British Group’ at the BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards this month!



The best month of all you know why? "Get Weird" was released and we died. We really think that this is the girl’s best album to date. It shows how talented and versatile they really are. Ugh we’re so proud.


Earlier this month the girls announced that their next single would be "Secret Love Song" featuring Jason Derulo! An excellent choice in our opinion. The girls also performed at the BBC Music Awards and killed it!

The highlight of the month was when Fabulous Magazine named Perrie ‘Woman Of The Year’. Perrie has definitely had a tough year, so we are so happy that this award went to her. She deserves this, and so much more. 

Wow, it really has been an incredible year for Little Mix hasn’t it? With 2015 coming to an end we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

What was your favorite part of 2015 with Little Mix!? Let us know!