Grey’s Anatomy why do you do this to us!? We’re only a few weeks away until Grey’s comes back with new episodes, so we were pretty excited when we heard about the promo for the episode on February 11th. We just weren’t prepared for what we were going to see…

We just have to say that the beginning of season 12 was INCREDIBLE. It probably was the best it has been in a long time, in our opinion. With this, we couldn’t be more excited to see what unfolds during the rest of the season. We also really need to figure out who this person is that attacked Meredith! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out the promo for yourself.

Um, what is going on here!? Why is Meredith flat lining!? SOMEONE HELP US. We can’t wait until the 11th to find out what happens. This is going to be the longest three weeks of our entire lives.

Are you excited for the new episode? Let us know!