Can we all come to a consensus that photo shopping celebs is just so unnecessary now-a-days? I mean seriously, it’s 2016! Isn’t it time we start changing the standards for what is defined as “beautiful”? It’s the harsh reality that we see everywhere we look; already beautiful and talented people being airbrushed and altered in order to look a certain way in order to sell magazines or products that help that agenda. It’s so messed up! 

Luckily, many celebs are taking a stand and calling out the people that dramatically alter their appearance in hopes to relay a stronger message to anyone who that they know will be seeing those pictures, emphasizing that your imperfections are what make you beautiful. (Cue "What Makes You Beautiful" by 1D).

Back in 2013, queens Beyonce and Lady Gaga both had their share of rebellion towards magazines that dramatically edited their pictures. Beyonce starred in a H&M shoot to promote a new summer line of clothing, however, word got out that they were going to slim down her body in the retouched pictures (which is ridiculous because she's one of the most beautiful people in existence, let's be real).

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Bey and her team were reportedly very upset and angered by this, so they did not allow the company to publish anything except the original untouched photos from the shoot, and we all know you can't disobey orders from a queen. 

Lady Gaga had a similar situation, in this case with her Glamour Magazine cover. When the picture was released, mother monster straight up said "this is not how I look in the morning" and that everything about her looked "too perfect", implying that no human looks like that ever (including her). If Gaga can't even look like herself in that picture, how are we expected to look like that?

In addition to people who like to keep it real, Lorde is another celeb that calls out fake-ness when she sees it. Followers of Lorde know that she is not shy when it comes to showing her real self, but one epic moment from the singer was when she singled out a press picture that was released following one of her shows. She tweeted out the original photo and posted it underneath the edited one saying to remember that flaws are okay. You said it, girl! 

The best thing to happen as a result of celebs speaking out about photoshopped images is the revolution it is causing to encourage people to love themselves for who they are. Ariel Winter from Modern Family recently went through with a breast reduction surgery which made he feel happier and more confident than ever, and she's preaching about doing what you got to do in order to make yourself feel more confident about your looks. 

Colbie Caillat released a song two years back called "Try" that basically says the idea of 'who cares what they think? What matters is that you like who you are", which spread an amazing message of self love and acceptance. Countless campaigns have resulted from the body positivity movements from companies like Dove and Aerie that feature untouched photos of real girls of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds. We think it's pretty awesome.


Basically, as a girl there are so many people out there telling us that we don't look pretty enough or that we aren't beautiful enough or that we don't fit in to their standard of what is considered attractive. We are here to tell you that those things people say couldn't be further from the truth. 

What do you think about photoshopping celeb's images? Let us know!