Holy music obsession! Guys, if there’s one artist out there who has so much buzz around her and her growing career, it’s Phoebe Ryan. With singles like “Chronic” and “Mine” taking over our Spotify playlists on the daily, we know that this is only the beginning for this kick butt babe.

Chelsea Briggs sat down with Phoebe to reflect on her success thus far, and get the low-down on her new album. Plus, you know we just had to ask about working with THE Britney Spears because hello! That’s a pretty big deal, people!

Now, of course, in typical Hollywire fashion, it was Phoebe’s turn to sit in the Hollywire Hot Seat! She talked everything from her first celebrity crush to her most embarrassing on stage moment. It gets good, you guys.

What’s your favorite Phoebe track that you can’t get enough of?